If there's one thing Europeans can't stand, it's all the bloody tourists. Capcom plays off this fear with the European special edition of Dead Rising 2, showing off the game's official box art alongside one ravishing ravaged high-roller.

The official box art for Dead Rising 2 covers all the bases. You've got your protagonist, a ton of undead, one of those adorable little Servbot heads, and a prime example of the game's weapon customization: A chainsaw taped to an oar. Taping things together is so important in Dead Rising 2 that Capcom has launched TapeItOrDie.com as the game's official website.

So yes, it's lovely box art, but it looks so much better alongside the European-exclusive limited edition box set. It includes that highly-detailed bloody tourist, accessories (including a Servbot head), a token for a special downloadable theme, and additional content for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game.


Hopefully they'll reveal something similar for the U.S. release. I could do with a ten inch zombie action-figure.


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