Bloodborne Jerk Gets Murdered In The Most Ironic Way

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Pacifism is bullshit the world of Bloodborne. Yharnam is a place where people communicate through blood and murder—and one character learns this lesson in the most hilarious way.


Those of you that have played Bloodborne have probably come across Djura, an asshole NPC that immediately starts shooting you with a machine gun. He’s the worst. You can, however, befriend Djura if you approach him in the right way.

Rogue_Rouge manages to get to Djura without getting torn to pieces via machine gun...but they also bring a friend with them. This lowly beast then proceeds to wreck Djura as Djura speaks of the virtues of pacifism. Djura does not fight back, because he believes the beasts should not be harmed. The beasts, however, clearly don’t give a shit.


And this is why I’ll stick with my whole “murder everything” strategy in Bloodborne. Sorry, Master Willem. That’s just how things have to be.

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I accidentally shot him off the tower with a cannon after speaking to him. I was like, “well...shit”.