Bloodborne Isn't As Brutal When It Glitches Out

Bloodborne can be pretty brutal...unless it happens to hiccup. While it might not be particularly common, when Bloodborne glitches out, just about anything can happen.

Some players are finding that glitches make life way easier, especially when it comes to boss battles. The GIF above, for example, comes from Typical East Coast—who found that, for whatever reason, a boss called the Blood Starved Beast can dissapear into a wall. After waiting for a little bit, the game eventually decided screw it, let's just pretend you killed it. Prey slaughtered, hooray!

The same thing happened to meshal waleed:

Kazuki Slice found that a similar glitch happens to Father Gascoine, one of the game's boss battles. First he gets stuck on a tree, then he disappears. Where did he go?

At least one player, TheTimePlayed, has figured out how to game this glitch. This person can intentionally get Father Gasocine stuck, like so:


You can watch the full clip here, if you'd like:

Sometimes, the player clips through the world during a boss fight, as Mubarak Abdullah found:

Dat terrifying dark abyss, tho.

Not all glitches make things a cakewalk, of course. ULTIMAELITE1900 has bizarrely found a glitch that makes enemies invisible:

Or almost invincible:

(Via Kay Tee)

Glitches can get YOU stuck too, as LuvStruK93 finds:

Here's the full clip:

Here's another example, courtesy of Arizona Video Produciton:


And another, via killthatracist:


This particular glitch can strike at the very worst times, as astanix discovered last night:

Sometimes, glitches make Bloodborne pretty damn goofy. Here's YouTuber Jonathan, playing whack-a-mole with a dead enemy that fused into the ground:



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To all people playing this on console... I extend a heartfelt expression of gratitude for beta testing this for the PC release.