Blood Bowl Goes Legendary With Twelve New Teams

In case your favorite fantasy football team didn't make it into the initial PC release of Cyanide Studio's adaptation of the Games Workshop board game, chances are they'll be showing up in Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition later this year.

For better or worse, Blood Bowl is a faithful recreation of Games Workshops' classic football strategy board game, but the fact that it only shipped with eight teams bugged the heck out of me. Where were the Amazons, or the Undead, or the Ogres?


Oh, here they are, in Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition.

Due out in the fourth quarter of this year, Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition adds twelve new playable teams to the mix, bringing the league total up to twenty, which is a much nicer number than eight. Undeads, Amazons, Ogres, and nine other teams will be taking the field, ready to bring the pain to those damn Dwarves.

Along with new teams and several new stadiums, the Legendary Edition of Blood Bowl also features a story mode, in which players take on the role of a rookie coach, leading several different teams and learning about the history of the sport and the races involved.

This sounds much more like what I envisioned when Cyanide first announced development of Blood Bowl. Check out the first screens of the new teams in action below!


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