Blockbuster Rolls Out Games-By-Mail Nationwide

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After testing out the service in several regions over the past year and a half, Blockbuster adds free video game rentals to its Blockbuster By Mail service, giving the specter of death hovering over the company brief pause.


Blockbuster started adding video games to its DVD by mail rental service in February of last year, testing the waters in Cleveland, Ohio, before moving on to Seattle.


Now the plan hits nationwide, allowing anyone with the Blockbuster By Mail service to mix and match video games and DVDs up to their plan limits, with more than 3,000 titles available.

Plans start at $8.95 a month for one game or movie out at a time, the same price as game rental service GameFly's one game at a time plan, as well as rival Netflix's one at a time plus free streaming plan.

"The addition of games for our BLOCKBUSTER By Mail customers – from families looking for entertainment experiences they can enjoy together, to serious gamers – is yet another convenient way to access entertainment content from Blockbuster," said Kevin Lewis, Senior Vice-President, Digital Entertainment. "This enhanced offering supports Blockbuster's multichannel strategy and shows our commitment to being the leading provider of home entertainment content."

The move gives them one advantage over chief rival Netflix, but with Netflix available on just about everything that plays video, from mobile phones to Blu-ray players, offering video game rentals by mail isn't likely to save Blockbuster from its inevitable fate.


Update: It's been pointed out that GameFly is only $8.95 for the first month, after which it reverts to $14.95 $15.95 a month. That's lousy.

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For some reason when I was a kid I used to avoid renting games from Blockbuster like the plague. I dont remember why, I just used to.

Is there something there? Are they more terrible than other rental places?

Pro-tip: i love their clearance though. got FFT for 5 bucks once. new.