BlizzCon Tickets On Sale - An Error Has Occured

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Remember folks, today is the first day to purchase tickets for BlizzCon 2008, Blizzard's yearly celebration of everything they do for the fans, and if the amount of errors I am getting at the Blizzard store website are any indication, it could be the last. I've been trying to purchase tickets for over a half hour now, getting to various stages in the process before getting that friendly little fellow won the left there along with the message, "An error has occurred." It's generally happening when I try to submit character info for the tickets, though I did manage to get through to the entering credit card information step before Johnny the Failure Murloc popped up again, crushing my hopes of a worry-free morning. I'd urge everyone to keep trying, but that's not what I really want. I need everyone to stop trying for about 15 minutes so I can get a pair of tickets, and then continue your regularly scheduled Blizzard store onslaught. Order Your BlizzCon 2008 Tickets Here [Blizzard Store]

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I am too lazy to read all of your posts, but keep this in mind....

It's DAY 1!!!! Their servers, credit card validation systems are probably over loaded, and being over worked by a few hundred, if not thousand percent.

Just give it time. Ever notice that when a server load is heavy.. like maybe realm forums, or Customer Service forums because a group of players realm/s are down for what ever reason... there is a bit of a delay when communicating with their forums? You have 5000 people trying to post the exact same.. "WTF I CANT PLAY LAWL CRY CRY CRY Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q BLIZZ PHAILS LAWL" post.. the servers do get over run some times.

If you can, be patient, try again later. Or maybe in a few days. There will be plenty of tickets. I assure you...