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Blizzard's fourth annual convention of all things WarCraft, Starcraft and Diablo touches down in Anaheim, California this August. The highly coveted, hard-to-come-by first tickets to BlizzCon 09 go on sale May 16th.

If you plan on going, you'd better prepare, as getting one's hands on BlizzCon tickets is no easy quest. But Blizzard's streamlining the process this year, in an attempt to avoid the hair-ripping frustration World of Warcraft and StarCraft fans experienced in years prior. That includes upgrades to the online Blizzard Store, "including a first-come, first-served queue system and a fixed time limit for completing purchases."


Blizzard recommends that, in the unlikely event that you don't already have one, but plan on attending BlizzCon anyway, you register for a account before tickets go on sale.

And if you do happen to miss out on first day sales, a second block of tickets to BlizzCon 09 will arrive on May 30th.

Failing that, Blizzard will be once again offering a Pay Per View option to BlizzCon attending wannabes, via DirecTV. The $39.95 USD package offers "a minimum of eight hours of live HD coverage from the show floor on each day of the convention, including exclusive interviews, demos, and more."

Finally, if you'd prefer to stream your BlizzCon coverage streamed through the internet's tubes, you can do that do. The cost is also $39.95 USD. Blizzard uberfans who opt for the Pay Per View version will have access to the online stream at no extra charge.


And both parties will also get the BlizzCon-exclusive World of Warcraft in-game item, horribly devaluing its aftermarket cost.

For even more details, check the official announcement.


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