BlizzCon 2009: The Show So Far

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With BlizzCon 2009 day two in full swing, let's take a look at what went on during day one, from start to Cataclysmic finish.

Day one of BlizzCon actually started with day 0, when we got a peek inside this year's swag bag, revealing its full Space Marine, hand sanitizer glory. Between that and our look at the special merchandise Blizzard is selling at the convention, we were pretty much swagged out in time for the opening ceremonies.


The opening ceremonies were chuck full of news, from the new Monk class for Diablo III to the biggest news of the convention - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - the new expansion for the popular massively-multiplayer game that introduces two new races, a revamp of the existing world, and tons of new features that are sure to keep the game exciting for at least a couple of months after the expansion's release sometime next year.

We took a closer look at the Monk, the Street Fighter character of Diablo III, with low survivability but quick and devastating attacks leaving enemies reeling from the feeling. We also looks at the integration planned for Battle.Net and StarCraft 2 in words and pictures, discovering that Blizzard plans to allow map creators to sell premium content in the StarCraft marketplace.


And let's not forget our massive gallery of custom-painted nOObz Space Marine toys!


The day soon came to an end, but there's still plenty more to tell you folks about, so stay tuned throughout today and well into Monday for more from BlizzCon 2009!

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