BlizzCon 2008 has come and gone. We've laughed, cried, loved, learned, and broken expensive props. For those of you who lost track of BlizzCon amidst the whirlwind Tokyo Game Show weekend, here's the final round up of all the stories spawned from Blizzard's yearly celebration of all things them. BlizzCon 2008 - The Kotaku Griffon Has Landed Diablo III Playable On BlizzCon Floor, New Class Reveal Inside The BlizzCon 08 Swag Bag Liveblogging The BlizzCon 2008 Opening Ceremonies Diablo III's Third Class - The Wizard! Diablo III's Wizard - Behind The Magic StarCraft II Single Player Is A Trilogy! The Best Of Blizzard - Retro Arcade StarCraft II Lead Producer On The Split Single Player Campaign And BlizzCon 2008 Continues, As Foretold By Prophecy Behold The New Diablo III Logo T-Shirt When Talking Plush Murlocs Attack The Obligatory BlizzCon 2008 Cosplay Post Hands On With Diablo III: Everything Old Is New Again Look Kids, It's The Cast Of The Guild WotLK's Death Knight Experience - One Of The Best Things We've Ever Done Rubie's Costumes Make Even Bigger WoW Geeks Diablo III's Coolest Feature - The Rune System World Of Warcraft: The Bean Bag Game