BlizzCon 08 Panels Announced, Expect New Diablo III Classes There

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For the millions missing out on the now sold out BlizzCon 08, here's some salt for those fresh wounds. The official BlizzCon web site has updated with a list of the convention's developer panel plans, covering all things Diablo III, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft. While you might think developer panels are dry stuff, the descriptions indicate otherwise. One Diablo III panel, for example, hints strongly that we'll get a look at new classes beyond the Barbarian and Witch Doctor.The Diablo III Game Design session promises "new and exciting features the upcoming sequel", which we find attractive because new and exciting things are what we live for, and one StarCraft II panel is listed as hosting a developer led live demo. A similar session last year spelled out a host of new features and unit details. On the World of Warcraft side, BlizzCon will give players a peek into "current and future plans" for WoW PvP in one panel, a "unique opportunity to glimpse future dungeons currently in development" in another. Here's the full list, so you can pick and choose which sessions you'd like to attend, you lucky ticket holder, you. - Diablo III Class Design - Diablo III Game Design - Diablo III – Lore and Art - StarCraft II Gameplay - StarCraft Lore - StarCraft II Art - World of Warcraft Class Design - World of Warcraft PvP - World of Warcraft Art - World of Warcraft Dungeons & Raids - World of Warcraft UI and Mods - Blizzard Cinematics - Blizzard Sound and Music Panels [BlizzCon 2008]

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I feel that taking the Necromancer away would be weird since they are the followers of Rathma and the dragon Trag'Oul who keeps the balance between hell and the heavens in check since the sin war. But then again, maybe they don't want the Necromancer as a playable class anymore. More like a NPC unit. Or making a story of them as people who work in the dark, behind the scenes.

I for one would think of that as very sad. I saw the zombie wall as a scoff at the Necromancer when they showed it. ("You all remember the bone wall.. but now we have this Zombie wall..")

They already have a witch doctor in Warcraft and I would really like to keep the differences. I hope they present a good reason for it in the game.

So I'm hoping to see a renewed Necromancer! Still with cool spells like the IronMaiden.. Gimme a spell caster that isn't a witchdoctor!