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Blizzard Working on a Free-to-Play Game? [Update]

Illustration for article titled Blizzard Working on a Free-to-Play Game? [Update]

According to a report on Develop, World of Warcraft and StarCraft developers Blizzard are working on "an upcoming, as yet unannounced game" which will be based around a free-to-play business model.


It's unknown whether this free-to-play (F2P) game is Blizzard's famous "Project Titan" or a separate title.

To date, Blizzard's games have either been available at retail (ala StarCraft) or via a monthly subscription (ala World of Warcraft).


UPDATE - Blizzard tells Kotaku that it is indeed working on a free-to-play title. It's called Blizzard DOTA, which is very much announced. Nothing to see here!

New Blizzard game 'to be free-to-play' [Develop]

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Anti-Star Super-Christ

Yes, free to play, but pay to win. Korean MMOs have been doing this successfully forever. Vindictus, while being free to play, has certainly weaseled money out of me before.

The days of buying the $50 game, and it's add-ons, then paying a monthly fee, THEN having microtransactions on top of THAT are over, and Blizzard and others know it.