The animated Overwatch short nobody but Bastion players wanted, ‚ÄúThe Last Bastion,‚ÄĚ just premiered at Gamescom.

According to Overwatch Project Director Ben Dai, Bastion,‚Äúan artificial intelligence programmed to do one thing, and one thing only‚ÄĒto fight‚ÄĒcomes face-to-face with a choice to alter his destiny‚ÄĚ in the short. That‚Äôs right, one thing: posting up in a corner, like an immobile scrap metal trash heap of an Overwatch hero, pushing one button, not moving, killing my whole team and getting Play of the Game. I‚Äôm not bitter. No.

Anyway, check out the new short here. Let us know in the comments if it endeared Bastion to you: