Blizzard Reveals Overwatch Loot Box Odds In China

Overwatch loot boxes feel like goddamn Christmas to open. Then a bunch of garbage spills out, and you feel like a jackass. Some people suspect that they’re rigged. Blizzard, however, insists they’re not, and they’ve finally released official loot box odds to back that up. At least, for China.


As part of a new law that recently went into effect, game makers must now disclose loot box odds in China. Today, Blizzard did their due diligence for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone (via Eurogamer). The odds for Overwatch are as follows:

  • Every box contains at least one rare (blue) item.
  • Players get an epic (purple) item once every 5.5 boxes.
  • Legendary items appear once every 13.5 boxes.

I asked Blizzard if these odds apply to other regions, but as of writing, I had yet to hear back.

These odds, though, seem... alright. I feel like purples and oranges could drop a bit more frequently, but I suppose we can’t always get what we want. Granted, I’m still frustrated by loot boxes as a general concept. They’re cheap, often unsatisfying casino thrills sloppily spread atop games with otherwise rewarding mechanics, and odds don’t tell the full story when, say, you get multiple repeats of skins you already have. Seems like we’re just gonna have to live with loot boxes, though, because they’re clearly not going anywhere any time soon.

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The odds are fine.

Or rather, they would be fine if duplicates weren’t a thing, since the gold value you receive for a duplicate is a fraction of what they cost to purchase. I was really hoping for the Cadet Tracer skin this last event, but got FOUR REINHARDT skins instead. Even though those skins cost 3000 each, I only got like 75 (or whatever it is) per duplicate.

That’s the shitty thing. You could hit these odds on the nose precisely and still not end up with anything new.