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Vivendi Games, which contributed some $340 million to its parent company's "very good" first quarter, continues to place much of its success on Blizzard Entertainment. The World of Warcraft developer provided an impressive $295 million to Vivendi's games division, with a good portion of that cash coming from the MMO's 10.7 million subscriber base. Vivendi says games revenue was down, year over year, with some of that poor performance due to unfavorable exchange rates. Yawn! Who cares about another billion dollar year? We're not Rob Pardo's kids! Where's the next WoW expansion, already?

Wrath of the Lich King is coming in the second half of 2008, says Vivendi's quarterly report. That's as close as we're going to get to a release date for now. Blizzard hasn't officially put a date on the expansion and it's totally realistic it could delayed, as is their wont, but we'll hold tight for a pre-December 31 release, fingers crossed.


Vivendi: Very Good First Quarter - 2008 Outlook Confirmed (PDF) [Vivendi]

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