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Blizzard & Final Fantasy's Awesome Cutscenes Have One Thing In Common

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Takuya Suzuki, formerly of Square Enix, has worked at Blizzard since 2009 on the company's famous cinematics team.


Currently Cinematic Senior Modeling Artist, he's done a lot of the background work on the trailers for games like StarCraft II, Diablo III, World of Warcraft and the upcoming Heroes of the Storm.

While at Square, he worked on games like Final Fantasy XII and XIII, along with Advent Children, for which he was invited to the Venice Film Festival.


You can check out his latest demo reel below. The amount of work he did on the cityscapes for StarCraft II boggles the mind.

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Blizzard make some incredibly well polished and well designed games, and their cutscenes are top tier, and also a very poor representation of the games... yeah, expected, as the cutscenes tell the story, not the gameplay.

But if you look at these scenes from Starcraft or Diablo, and then go into the game... well... bit of a disappointment, eh?