Blizzard Deploys StarCraft II's First Official Custom Map

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty players shouldn't be wanting for custom-made maps—and wildly different game types—thanks to the game's Galaxy Editor. But an officially released Blizzard-made map is worth getting a little excited about.


Blizzard has released "Burning Tide" for StarCraft II today via, featuring the same rising lava tides seen in the single-player campaign's storyline. Remember "Devil's Playground"? It's just like that! It's a 3v3 map that sees StarCraft II players competitively racing toward a specific resource amount. It makes resource management in space that much more exciting.

Want it? Grab it via the custom games list in the StarCraft II game client.

New Blizzard Custom Map: Burning Tide [StarCraft II]

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