Blizzard Customer Support Rep Has Had Enough

Imagine working customer support for a big video game company like Blizzard. Imagine all the shit you have to sort through all day, from abusive tweets to abusive emails to abusive forum comments. Some days, like today, it’s enough to make you want to say “screw it”.

Earlier tonight, Blizzard’s customer support Twitter posted this notice related to the release of the new World of WarCraft expansion:


Seems innocent enough, but it’s Twitter, so of course many of the first replies were “hurhh hurhh why isn’t something else fixed”. Tweets like this one, which was clearly the straw that broke this support rep’s back:

Get ‘em! You never see a big publisher (or, to be more accurate, the person representing them here) slip like this, but bless this rep for venting. Dealing with people on Twitter can be like walking naked through a hailstorm, so it must have been a nice release to let a snarky reply have it for once, especially on what must have been a super-busy day for the BlizzardCS team.

PS - I now fully expect the next WoW expansion to feature a serving room behind a tavern with one dwarf and a wrench.

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