Blizzard Awarded $6 Million In Glider Bot Battle

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You may recall a story from last year regarding Blizzard and their legal case against MDY Industries, creators of the World of Warcraft Glider program that allowed players to pretty much put themselves on autopilot to help them escape the rigors of the easiest-to-level MMO in existence. Back in July, Blizzard won summary judgment against the add-on creator, and now we get a peek at just how much going up against the gaming giant has cost MDY. $6 million is the figure awarded to Blizzard, which considering how much money the company brings in on a monthly basis should be enough to buy snacks for the week. A high figure to be sure, which would have been much higher had MDY not successfully challenged some of Blizzard's claims. Blizzard still has time to appeal the judgment in order to seek the damages lost via dismissed claims, but considering the chances of MDY even having that much to pay out, it might be best to just mark it a victory and move on. The case will return to court at the beginning of the year to clear up any outstanding issues. Blizzard wins Warcraft bot payout [BBC News]

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They weren't losing any money from it, have billions already and won another 6 million. Whoopdedoo for them :/