Blizzard Announces Goofy New 'Arena' Mode For Heroes Of The Storm

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Heroes of the Storm’s Dustin Browder took the stage at Blizzcon this afternoon to announce a whacky-sounding new feature for their excellent new MOBA. It’s called “The Arena,” and lets you do crazy shit like play a game with everyone as the same hero. Nice!


Establishing it as a feature suggests it’s going to make silly “for fun” game modes a permanent fixture, which is something Riot’s terrible at for its competing game League of Legends.

Here is an “announcement trailer,” whatever that means:

And a short preview:

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As a long-time League player, this is the sort of thing that shows how much Blizzard brings to the table as a competitor. Riot has struggled so much to innovate beyond their initial formula, which was already pretty much lifted straight from DotA.

Blizzard just makes a polished and interesting product. They make things different. They create some really fun content.