Today during the Overwatch “What’s Next” panel at BlizzCon, Blizzard announced that from now on, it’ll add more event-style skins to regular, non-event loot boxes.

For the past year, the majority of new skins have only been available during timed events, after which they went back into a vault inside Jeff Kaplan’s terror palace. During the panel, Blizzard said that won’t always be the case anymore and revealed an upcoming set of Blizzard-themed skins that’ll enter the regular loot box pool.


Here’s a video of them in action:

The skins are:

  • Immortal Orisa
  • Magni Bronzebeard Torbjorn
  • Nova Widowmaker
  • Blackhand Doomfist
  • Barbarian Zarya
  • Butcher Roadhog
  • Crusader Reinhardt
  • Ecopoint Mei

“Those skins are just a small preview of a big update [to regular loot boxes] that’s coming next year,” Jeff Kaplan later said while being interviewed for BlizzCon’s online show.


Along with new level Blizzard World, they’ll be coming to Overwatch “early” next year.