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BlitzTech Unveils Stereoscopic 3D Engine

Illustration for article titled BlitzTech Unveils Stereoscopic 3D Engine

As anyone who tried to play Magic Carpet in its ludicrous/innovative Magic Eye mode will tell you, niche 3D display technology can be more trouble than its worth.


BlitzTech, however, are pretty confident that their new 3D Engine - unveiled today at the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles - will definitely be a winner, despite requiring displays that follow the 3DTV standard. BlitzTech claim the engine will allow current-gen consoles to display IMAX-quality 3D imagery.

"Our BlitzTech technology will prove beyond all doubt that we are already doing what some industry experts have said is impossible on today's game consoles," said Blitz CEO Andrew Oliver, in a manner not unlike a soliloquising supervillain, "Our highly tuned engine is capable of producing real-time interactive graphics that are close to offline rendered CG movie quality."


Also, his army of robot water voles is invincible and cannot be stopped.

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Yes! Magic Carpet! I remember playing that with the VR headset in the tech lab at my dad's job back in the day... ah, good times.

I'm wondering, though, how this tech is supposed to work - what exactly is this "3DTV" standard, and will we still have to wear the glasses?