Black Ops 3's PC Version Fixes Crippling Slowdown Issue

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Black Ops 3 launched on PC with some fairly serious issues, chief among them the fact it ran like stuttering garbage on i5 processors. A week later, is it safe to actually try and play the game if you’d previously been having problems? Probably.


I can’t vouch for everyone’s PC, and the millions of possible combinations and quirks native to the platform, but looking at forums—and my own experience—it seems the big, common issue (the leak that caused a swift decrease in framerate) making the game unplayable has been fixed.

I fired up the game’s singleplayer campaign today and found that the gameplay experience was...flawless. A constant 60fps, even in the most chaotic and explosive sequences. This is in stark contrast to last week, when I couldn’t even play for five minutes before the framerate dropped so low that I had to quit.

There’s still weird stuttering in the game’s cutscenes, but the actual in-engine content was 100% smooth. Now, if only the game had been this playable before Fallout 4 came out...



When I was running Arkham Knight with my graphics card in crossfire, it did this really weird stuttering thing in cutscenes. Disabling crossfire made it run perfectly smooth... could your issue be something similar to that?