Black Mesa Mod Coming "Late 2009"

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Is it wrong to be more excited about Half-Life remake Black Mesa than we are about most proper releases this year? Course it's not. Thing looks amazing. But when's it coming out?


Last we heard, it was simply "2009". Which isn't very helpful. What, early 2009? The middle of 2009? Or, in a worst-case scenario, the end of 2009?


It's the worst-case scenario. In an interview with Screen Play, project leader Carlos Montero says:

I won't say anything more specific than "Late 2009". Like any developer, we want to squeeze as much awesome in as possible before we ship, but we won't withhold it any longer than absolutely necessary once it's done.

So you won't be playing it at Easter, then. Maybe Christmas! Maybe.

Your Turn: Returning to the Source - Part 2 [Screen Play]

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Wait, it's a MOD? ...Gay.