Now that the political commercials have finally ended, it is of course Christmas time.

But before Christmas (which is technically still the best part of two months away) comes Christmas shopping. It's time for Black Friday sales to start appearing. Yesterday we saw Best Buy's ad, and today mega-retailer Walmart is ready with theirs.

Walmart's online ad is frustratingly vague about their game deals, but they promise a total of 30+ games selling for $15, 25+ games selling for $10, and 45+ games selling for $25.


That $25 price point, according to the image, includes a big pile of games new to fall 2012, including FIFA 13, Madden 13, Just Dance 4, Dishonored, XCOM, and upcoming Epic Mickey 2.

Also of note: An Xbox 360 (4GB) bundle with Skylanders Starter kit, going for $149 and a $199 PS3 bundle including the system with the Uncharted bundle and an inFamous pack.


For the full listings, see the ad.

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