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Black Desert Online Developer Will Acquire EVE Online Publisher

Illustration for article titled iBlack Desert Online /iDeveloper Will Acquire iEVE Online/i Publisher

Pearl Abyss, the Korea-based developer behind Black Desert Online, will purchase EVE Online publisher CCP Games, the companies announced today. CCP Games will “continue to operate independently,” according to a press release, as well as contributing its publishing and development experience to Pearl Abyss’ projects.


In the press release, CCP Games’ CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson called himself an “avid player” of Black Desert Online, which has been in operation since 2014.

At the end of 2016, Bloomberg reported that CCP was eyeing a sale, which caused some consternation among the EVE community. Players’ reaction to the idea of a sale was largely negative, with most players seeming scared that other companies wouldn’t “get” EVE the same way that CCP Games seemed to, and that the game would quickly become unrecognizable. With Pearl Abyss stating its intention to leave CCP in charge of EVE Online, hopefully some of these fears will be assuaged for the present.


There can be no denying the logic behind the move from a business perspective, though. Pearl Abyss has taken the MMO market by storm in the four years since the release of Black Desert Online. The game has been released in 150 countries and boasts over 9.5 million registered users. By purchasing CCP, Pearl Abyss can take advantage of its 15 years of worldwide development and publishing experience, which will no doubt assist in Pearl Abyss’ growth..

What it all means for EVE players is still up in the air.

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I am going to be optimistic for a moment here and say that companies that acquire others hope to gain capital from the successes of their purchased product, recognizing that they are doing something right.
I am going to be pessimistic for a moment here and say that I have been “in the same animation company for 10 years” but at about year 6 was acquired by a larger conglomerate that basically restructured the hell out of us, laid off plenty of people and hired what they called “industry professionals” in an insulting act of saying that we don’t know what we are doing and that our new leadership knows better, while actually being a property ownership company that lives off of the legacy of acquired product while not actually producing anything internally.
I am going to be realistic for a moment here and say that these changes, whether good or bad, can inflict an effect on it’s workforce where veterans that have been there for a long time make the final choice to move on after years of being in the same company. This could be something that was lingering but put on a back-burner out of comfort, and the acquisition triggered a final straw.
Some will leave, some will come back after. Some will stay, while some will move up. Some will burn out under the new ownership when expansion leads to becoming a smaller fish in a bigger sea overnight.
This hit me pretty hard, slightly as a fan; more so as one to have been through it.
Good Luck CCP, best wishes.