Black Desert Developer Pearl Abyss Announces 3 Games, All With Impressive Visuals

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Pearl Abyss is best known for Black Desert—and its eye-popping character creation tool. Today in South Korea, the studio just announced three games. They all look visually impressive.

At the G-Star gaming expo (via tipster Sang), Pearl Abyss announced the following games:

Plan 8

Pearl Abyss is aiming to release this open world “exosuit MMO shooter” on PC and consoles and revealed that developer Minh Le, better known as “Gooseman” from his Counter Strike days, joined the studio in March 2018.



This is an open-world MMO for mobile. It looks cute!

Update: 11/18 - 2:20 AM EST: A Pearl Abyss spokesperson tells Kotaku that while DokeV was originally slated for mobile, the studio is now planning to release it on console and PC.

Crimson Desert

Pearl Abyss describes this game as an “epic fantasy open world MMORPG.” Heading to PC and consoles, it apparently has a single-player campaign with multiplayer elements. The game seems to be a prequel of sorts to Black Desert.


At the end of Pearl Abyss’s G-Star presentation, there was a message that read “See you at E3.”

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I remember seeing the first screen shot of black desert. I knew this dev had something special. I’ve seen a lot of Asian mmos with pretty character creations so I was very skeptical. But this dev actually listens to the community and cares about gameplay. They remind me of if square and platinum had a baby