So the latest piece of official BioWare fiction is a little rough around the edges. Let's say you want to write your own Mass Effect story. Need some help? BioWare themselves are here to help.

David Gaider, who's been a writer at BioWare for over ten years now (and who's worked on games like Knights of the Old Republic and both Dragon Age titles), has written a helpful guide on how best to approach the subject of penning your own take on someone else's universe.

Most are of course useful tips for writing fiction in general. And this one is just useful for writing in general:

Slaughter your word-babies mercilessly, for that pain will put you in the habit of not over-populating your prose to begin with.


It's an interesting read, because alongside the tips there's some interesting stuff on fan fiction in general, a medium that's rightly derided by many but can, on occasion, surprise you.

Storming the Sand-Castle [BioWare Blog]