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Bioware Knows The Real Reason You're Playing Dragon Age

Here's a fun clip from tonight's Video Game Awards, where Bioware make a quick joke about why people really play Bioware games: the sex.


If it doesn't make sense, here's the context: Varric is a storyteller, and he writes books. One of his series is, well...smut. Trashy romance type stuff. The books are based on a certain Dragon Age party member who would probably flip if she knew what Varric is doing:


If you've played Dragon Age, this is particularly funny because Cassandra has a soft spot for smut, even though she haaates Varric. Good joke, Bioware!

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Mud loves everyone except you. You suck

Has anyone ever played a tabletop RPG with a GM who insisted that players roleplay out the seductions of the NPCs because they took role-play way too fucking seriously, leading you to have an awkward, icky ten minutes?

That's what all video game sex and romance scenes are.