BioWare Intrigued By iPhone Possibilities

Former EALA studio head Neil Young is not the only one interested in iPhone games - looks like the BioWare team is "looking at" the possibility, too, as CEOs Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk recently spoke to MTV Multiplayer about it:

"We look at every platform that comes along. Obviously, something that's as big a cultural and technical success as the iPhone is something you really got to take a close look at. Certainly, there's nothing written in stone yet but we've got a lot of folks looking at it. It's intriguing. I think one of the things that we'll have to see how it shakes out is what type of consumer buys games on it and what type of experience they're looking for. You want to always mash the consumer experience with what you're building. We want to understand what people are going to do with it. Who knows. We're definitely looking at every platform."


They were speaking, by the way, as part of an interview in which they reiterated their fealty to the PC platform, calling the market "vibrant." So are iPhone games about to become "the hot new thing," or are they already?

BioWare Confirms PC Support, ‘Looking At' iPhone Development [MTV Multiplayer]

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