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BioWare Founder Plays Video Games, In The Jungle, With Amazon Tribe

Ray Muzyka, one of the co-founders of RPG powerhouses BioWare, was recently in a rainforest in Ecuador when he encountered the Shuar tribe. His day ended with...a serious session of air hockey on his iPad against the locals. Who had never seen an iPad until Ray turned up.

Writing about the experience on his Flickr page, Muzyka says that while visiting the tribe last month, who live "deep in the Ecuadoran rainforest", he had an exchange by which "they shared their traditions and culture with us in stories, dance and song, and then asked our small group of guests to share something from each of our own cultures with them".

Which amounted to stories of snow (he's from Canada), ice hockey (again, Canada), then the reveal of both an iPhone and iPad, which contained photos of their home and some games.


"The indigenous tribespeople and the rest of our group enjoyed playing air hockey together on my iPad", he writes, "with the local children all taking turns playing until we reluctantly had to call it a night. That evening was a lot of fun :)"

Muzyka left BioWare last year to pursue more interesting stuff. Sounds like he's doing a damn good job.


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