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Logan's Run fans have been clamoring for a remake of the 1976 film adaptation of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's classic tale of dystopian ageist science fiction for decades. According to an exclusive report from Deadline Hollywood, Ken Levine's next big writing gig after BioShock Infinite is penning the latest script for the project.


Now before we get too excited, Logan's Run/BioShock fans, keep in mind that this is a project Warner Bros. has been trying to get off the ground since the mid 90s. At one point Bryan Singer of X-Men and Superman Returns was slated to direct, and in 2011 the film looked to be turning into a Ryan Gosling vehicle, though as of last year Gosling is no longer attached.

Okay, now that I've grounded you all, it's okay to get a little excited. Levine's got a couple of pre-video game screenplays under his belt, so he's familiar with the process. He's also a big fan of Logan's Run, and let's face it — not many do dystopian as well as Levine does dystopian. You give him a setting, he'll dystop the hell out of it.


For the younger folks in the audience, Logan's Run tells the story of a society where people are only allowed to live to a certain age (20 in the book, 30 in the film and TV series that followed). Once they reach that special age, folks are expected to report to a facility where they'll be humanely killed. Logan 5 (3 in the book) is an enforcer tasked with hunting down runners — people who try to escape their fate. Events happen, and as the title suggests, Logan winds up a runner himself. Did I mention he has a gun that fires multiple types of special bullets?

How is this not a video game yet? I know the perfect guy to make it.

The movie still might not happen, of course, but at the very least we might end up with a leaked Logan's Run script written by Ken Levine, and that'd do in a pinch.

‘Bioshock’ Creator Ken Levine Takes On ‘Logan’s Run’ Script For Warner Bros [Deadline Hollywood]

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