Is it exactly like the Columbia from BioShock Infinite? Nope—but that Columbia never had to survive nuclear annihilation and 300 years’ worth of wear and tear. So it’s still rather well off, considering.

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Built by Girlplaysgame (via Eurogamer), the settlement manages to look like a post-apocalyptic Columbia thanks to a variety of mods, including GPG’s own BioShock Paintings mod, which adds a variety of art from the series to Fallout 4. Still, the overwhelming majority of the objects she used can be found in the unmodded game.

If you wanna check out the place for yourself, you’re gonna need to grab the relevant mods along with a save file from GPG’s blog post—that’s the best she, and any modder, can do until the official modding tools come out. If that’s too much hassle, then there’s a walkthrough video above and some screenshots below:

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