BioShock Movie Gets A New Director

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Last we'd heard, the BioShock movie had been put on hold while studio execs looked for a cheaper place to film, along with a new director. Looks like they've found the latter.

According to SlashFilm, Spaniard Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will replace Gore Verbinski in the director's chair (though Verbinski will remain as a "producer"). Never heard of Fresnadillo? He's the guy who directed 28 Weeks Later, and...nothing else you've ever heard of



Whether you liked his zombie sequel or not (brilliant opening aside, I hated it), replacing Verbinski with a relative unknown is certainly a step down for the production, which was - courtesy of the big-name director and big-time budget - at one time being hailed in this post-Peter-Jackson-Halo world as Hollywood's first crack at really taking a game adaptation seriously.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo To Direct Bioshock [SlashFilm]

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I haven't seen either of the 28 [time-periods] Later movies. I've wondered if they're any good, though.

I just recently got around to seeing Pirates 3, and I surprised myself in how much I loved that film (because the second one always bored me every time I tried to watch it). Oh, well. At least Verbinski is still on the project.

Has a budget been announced for this movie, yet?