BioShock Immortalized In This Catchy, Darned Funny Song

Oh, man. There's tribute songs, and then there's tribute songs. This one, by New York singer/comedian Brent Black, who performs as Brentalfloss, falls into the italicized camp—not only did it make me laugh, I can't get it out of my head.

There are some lyrical turns in here that I can't believe no one's come up with before—in particular, pointing out that some of the Splicers look like a terrifying version of Joan Rivers, and making the joke that Rapture is "An Ayn Rand wet dream." Geddit? Wet dream? Come on, surely someone's made that joke before…

Anyway, sit back, turn up the speakers, and sing along.

(Via Laughing Squid)

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Still remember the first time I played Bioshock. It was actually a few years after its release when it was on sale. 1 of the best game experiences I think have ever had. It was so nice to play something so original, fun and slightly terrifying at the same time. Glad I didn't miss this game.