BioShock Developer Loses Two Key Members

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Two senior-level members of Irrational Games—the highly regarded development studio behind BioShock and the upcoming BioShock Infinite—have left the studio, according to Gamasutra.


Director of product development Tim Gerritsen and art director Nate Wells are both leaving Irrational. Gerritsen, an industry veteran who was at Prey developer Human Head before coming to Irrational—was a forward-facing member of the Irrational team and played a big role in the 2010 unveiling of BioShock Infinite when that game was announced. Wells reportedly changed his Twitter bio to say "New Job … Details to follow". The former staffer was a major part in developing the distinct looks of Rapture and the Big Daddy characters from BioShock 1. He was a 13-year veteran at Irrational and worked at Looking Glass Studios prior to that.

These moves come after the departures of other key creators at Irrational. Previously, Steve Gaynor—who designed the well-liked Minerva's Den DLC for BioShock 2—had left the company, followed by associate producer Chris Remo, who's currently working on community relations at Double Fine.

Kotaku has heard that development on BioShock Infinite has hit choppy waters. We've reached out to 2K Games for comment and will update this story if they respond.

Update: Irrational creative director Ken Levine sent out the following tweet, signaling that Scott Sinclair, art director for BioShock 1, will be assuming those duties on BioShock Infinite.



"Kotaku has heard that development on BioShock Infinite has hit choppy waters."

Yeah... About that... Is this gonna be the same like when 'an inside source' told you Final Fantasy Versus was dead? Because I don't feel like worrying just yet if it's only you guys that are saying BioShock Infinite has "hit choppy waters"...

Anyway, although it is a shame for Irrational Games, I just hope this won't influence the development of Infinite... Can't wait for that one to finally come out.