Bionic Commando Devs Fear The Japanese

Swedish developer GRIN, working on Capcom's new Bionic Commando title as well as the PSN/XBLA update of the original one, were entertainingly forthcoming during an industry conference in the Netherlands where they talked about the tough path for an independent developer.

Managing director Bo had some blunt language for the harsh reality of game development as a business, something the audience may occasionally lose track of when levying certain accusations at development studios:

"Really, to get started, you're not making a game for a gamer, you're making a game for a publisher," he said. "And that's how it is. They know the product, they are paying for the product, and they want you to pull through... on time."


Also, apparently working with the Japanese is scary:

On working with the Japanese: "If you don't deliver exactly what you specified, they kill you."

Whoa. By the way, McWhertor checked out Bionic Commando over here.


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