Bikini Hug Pillows Make The Best T-Shirts

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Japanese magazines are big on the "street snap" — pictures of fashion plates. Many of the street snaps are of regular people with "regular" being a relative term.


Here's a snap of a 21-year-old college student in super-swish Harajuku. As Kotaku Japan is quick to point out, the fellow isn't wearing a Love Plus t-shirt.


No, he is wearing a Love Plus hug pillow cover from moé rag Dengeki Moéoh.

Love Plus isn't creepy. Okay, maybe it is. But it isn't only for otaku. It's for urban hipsters. Fashion, people, fashion!

原宿でオシャレすぎる『ラブプラス』Tシャツがストリートスナップされる [Kotaku Japan]

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