Big, Ugly Nintendo Roundup

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For two whole days, Nintendo fed on my soul - and I, in turn, fed on your eye sockets with the following impressions and haphazard news stories:DSi Not Bound for US Until Well Into Next Year EA May Have Gotten Early Look at DSi, New WiiWare Announcement Today Tetris Party, Boingz Coming to WiiWare, World of Goo Dated MadWorld Still Not Playable (In the US at Least) The Conduit - Still Going Strong Boingz: The Game Where You Play as a Condom Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Makes Me Sad Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Not a Looker, But She's Got Heart Cave Story - Everything That's Old Is New Again Call of Duty: World At War - None Dare Call It Call of Duty 5 Tetris Party - Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks While all that was making my head explode going on, I also got the chance for some quality time with Mirror's Edge and Gears of War 2. Oh, and I also got my hands on NXE - it was pretty sweet. I'm going to go feed on something else now - preferably pizza. Fahey got me stuck on pizza.


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Master Saji is TheLazyGeek

Only thing that looks decent on that list is Tetris Party, and I'm skeptic about that. Where is my Star Fox, and I don't mean that half-ass "adventure" crap either!