Big Bowser Penis Has Been Removed From Patreon

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AkkoArcade is a 3D modeller who specialises in adult props for NSFW Source filmmaker clips. Earlier this week one of their creations—a large, veiny dick intended for use with Bowser movies—has had to be removed from Patreon after a takedown notice was issued against it.


As The Daily Dot report, the model—called Bowser Standalone Prop—had to be removed after a copyright claim was made by a party claiming to be Nintendo of America. Whether it was actually Nintendo of America or just someone fucking around is unknown, but the fact remains that since the notice was issued, Patreon had to ask to have it taken down.


It’s not gone, of course; the offending model has only been removed from Patreon, and the creator has simply reuploaded it somewhere else. Somewhere Nintendo’s lawyers, if it really was them, will need to go laboriously uncovering it all over again.

Shame. The spiked balls were a nice touch.

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Luke Plunkett

my favourite part is the “it’s me...again” in the patreon email