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Big Bird Cosplay Is An Enormous 7'8" Tall

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’re going to cosplay as Big Bird, you gotta go big.

George Hughes has just finished this gigantic piece of Sesame Street cosplay, crafting a Big Bird costume from scratch that stands 7'8" when he’s wearing it.

There are around 3000 feathers covering the suit, which George had to glue on individually.


It’s so close to the real deal. Indeed the only difference might be in height; as huge as this cosplay is, the actual Big Bird is just a little big bigger, st 8'2".


Bonus: here’s George’s design notes for the costume from this RPF build thread, showing how he planned out how to build and wear it (and complete with really good sketches!).

You can see more of George’s cosplay at his Instagram page.