Big Bang Mini Soundtrack Set Free

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Due to overwhelming fan demand, Arkedo Studio and Southpeak have released the soundtrack to their unique Nintendo DS shooter Big Bang Mini as a free download.

Big Bang Mini ended up being a very pleasant surprise for the DS, combining simple yet addictive fireworks launching gameplay and great use of the touchscreen to create a shooter experience that is completely unique to the handheld. The experience is greatly enhanced by the soundtrack, created by French electronic group Yubaba, Smith & Fortune, adding life and atmosphere to the game's varied levels. Now the entire soundtrack is available to download for free at the Big Bang Mini website, with 24 tracks encompassing music styles from all around the world.

To get the free soundtrack, simply head to the official Big Bang Mini website and click on the floating download link. It's 102mb of zipped auditory goodness.

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I thought about getting this game, and I think now I'm definitely sold after watching the trailer on the website. This looks really fun and the soundtrack is amazing.