Wikipedia lies! Big Bang Mini didn't go out on January 6 - it's out today for the Nintendo DS.

Big Bang Mini is a shooter where the projectiles are all fireworks and you spend about as much time dodging in the lower screen as you do making pretty things happen in the upper screen. There are 90 levels in the game - boss fights included - and a slew of extras to unlock. At $19.99, that's a significant bang for your buck in this economy.

"If you hated the demo, cannot stand lenticular boxes, and do not like the [soundtrack], we suggest your do not spend your hard-earned 20 bucks on Big Bang Mini ^^" says developer Akedo studio head Camille Guermonprez. Cheers for the links, sir!

Check out the impressions I got from the game a few months back and keep an eye on the shelves. And maybe update the Wikipedia page, too.