BFG Begins Taking Orders On Their New, Expensive Gaming Rigs

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Need a state of the art gaming PC? Got $3,000 to $8,000? No? Then you probably don't want to head over to, where the BFG's new Phobos systems have just gone on sale.


Most people know BFG for their graphics cards, but they're looking to make a splash in the high-end gaming / home theater PC industry now with their Phobos line, which garnered rave reviews at their debut at CES earlier this month. The system comes in three starting price points - $3,000, $5,000, and $8,000 - each with what I assume is thousands of dollars worth of bells and whistles attached. Each features water cooling of some sort, with the higher end featuring quad-SLI GeForce GTX 295 1.79GB cards, a dedicated 1GB card for PhysX, and 6GB of memory - and that still leaves room for another $3,000 worth of upgrades.

To put that in layman's terms,'ll run World of Warcraft.

They're really drool-worthy systems, though the BFG Technologies brand and I have never really been friends, after that horrible summer when I returned my 6800 GT video card four times before they found a working one. They've got one hell of a warranty though (concierge service?), so if you have the means you might considering heading over to and giving them a gander.

Orders now being taking for BFG Tech’s unique new high performance gaming/home theater system

Lake Forest, IL – January 22, 2009 – BFG Technologies, manufacturer of the stunning new high performance gaming/home theater system — Phobos, is excited to announce that orders are now being taking for Phobos on The new site offers a variety of the highest-end brand name PC components available, allowing customers to custom-configure Phobos to meet their elevated quality standards. The system received rave reviews while on display in Las Vegas at CES 2009. Many show attendees commented on the refined aesthetics of Phobos, its innovative touch panel LCD with one touch overclocking, and BFG Tech’s unique concierge service offering.

“Based on the reaction at CES in our booth and the resulting positive news coverage, it is clear to me that Phobos will be a great differentiating strategy for BFG Technologies," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation. "Phobos is a great example of how the era of white box PCs has evolved into a new realm of innovation and distinguished design. Congratulations to the entire BFG team who have demonstrated their commitment to the PC enthusiast who desires both form and function.”

Phobos is designed to deliver unbelievable performance. The ‘Phobos Elite’ configuration features the Intel® Core i7 965 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz Processor, two BFG NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 295 Graphics Cards, and CoolIt® Contained Liquid Cooling Solutions to keep both the GPUs & CPU cool during the fiercest of gaming battles.


BFG Tech also outfitted Phobos to serve as a home theater command center by choosing Windows® Vista Ultimate with Media Center, including four hard drive bays, offering RF remote and TV tuner with DVR functionality, a front slot-loading Blu-ray Disc® drive, the option for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound audio cards, and an integrated iPod®/iPhone® syncing dock.


For more information about Phobos, contact PR representative Mark Olson at 305.576.1171 x17 or, or visit For additional information about BFG Tech please visit
About BFG Tech


BFG Technologies is a privately held U.S. based supplier of premium power supplies and 3D video cards based on award-winning NVIDIA graphics technology, and a manufacturer of high end gaming/home theater systems. BFG Tech is dedicated to bringing the latest high quality, high-tech multimedia products to PC and gaming enthusiasts at competitive prices. Like the company’s target customers, many of BFG Tech’s employees are gamers and PC enthusiasts, and they strive to provide hardware and marketing that reflects the company’s passion and excitement for the latest technology.
Phobos™ System Specs

Phobos has three conveniently pre-configured high-performance systems that can be used as a starting point:
• Phobos Performance (from $3,000)
• Phobos Advanced (from $5,000)
• Phobos Elite (from $8,000)



• BFG NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 295 Graphics Cards (x2 for Quad SLI®)
• BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 for Dedicated PhysX™ Processing
• Intel® Core i7-965 3.2GHz Extreme Edition Processor
• CoolIt® Contained Liquid Cooling Solution (GPU&CPU)
• Brand Name Intel® X58-based SLI Motherboard
• Brand Name 6GB PC3-12800 1600MHz High Performance DDR3 Memory
• Western Digital® VelociRaptor 300GB Hard Drives (x4)
• Brand Name Slot Loading Blu-ray® Super Multi Optical Drive
• BFG LS-1200 1200W High Efficiency Power Supply
• Creative X-Fi 7.1 Sound Card
• Integrated iPhone®/iPod® syncing dock
• Unique 8” Interactive Touch Panel LCD with One Touch Overclocking
• All Aluminum Chassis with Hidden Cable Management
• In-Home Set Up Included with Every Phobos Purchase


*Based on current configuration at the time of printing. Specifications and available options subject to change. See for updates.

Refined Aesthetics. Unbelievable Performance. Concierge Service.



This was made for Duke Nukem.