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Beyond: Two Souls Is Coming October 8th, Just Got Dafoe'd

Sony has just revealed that Beyond: Two Souls will be bringing its innumerable polygons to PS3 on October 8th. The announcement eschews any mention of PS4, but does have some extra flavor. Dafoe flavor. Yes, the rumor that Willem Dafoe is part of Quantic Dream's ambitious title is true, despite David Cage's denial of the fact last summer.


Dafoe will take on a starring role opposite Ellen Page, playing a scientist and seeming father figure to her character. Finally, the Green Goblin and Kitty Pryde will meet. I do hope Beyond makes its way to the PS4, just so we can see the old-man-face tech Cage showed off at Sony's recent event applied to Dafoe's unsettling rictus. Take a look at the behind-the-scenes clip above to see what shooting the game looked like, and what Willem Dafoe looks like covered in tiny dots.

Also, CVG has shared this clip of Dafoe in the actual game.

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The man comes off to everyone as a complete idiot.

But I get it, he wants to show people HIS version of video games, which is the exact reason I'll stay away from anything this man ever creates.

When I want the "Hollywood Experience" I go see a movie.

When I play a game, I want the "Gameplay Experience".

Something that was very lacking in both Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, personal opinion.

Fahrenheit I liked a bit more than Heavy Rain, and again, personal opinion, when you make me waste my attention on "Wait for the imminent Quicktime Event!", it wrecks my enjoyment of the game.

A couple years back there was a list of game genres that were popular, check:

1. Strategy

2. Family Entertainment

3. Role-Playing

4. Adventure

5. Shooter

Do you see "Series of Quicktime Events" in that list?

This man really needs to invest in the gameplay side of things, then come talk to us about his "Hollywood Experience".


Heavy Rain wasn't a bad game, but if it had put a bit more work on the gameplay side of things, it would've been wonderful. Same problem with LA Noire