Demanding famous people are nothing out of left field โ€” it's what celebs do, they demand stuff like bowls of green M&Ms and Evian baths. Singer Beyonce is no different, apparently. She had a whole laundry list of demands that needed to be signed off on before she would agree to fly to Monaco for the World Music Awards, held over the weekend. Supposedly, the diva wanted 14 seats (two for herself) on a private jet, an Xbox (360, we assume), a PSP, a jacuzzi and a pizza. But hey, no biggie! If we were divas, we'd ask for 14 seats on two private jets: 13 window seats on one plane and 1 middle seat on the other. You know, just to mess with people all diva-like. Meow. Eds Note: Since game site /gamer did not source or clarify if this was original reporting or not, we're filing it under "Rumor." Beyonce Refuses to Fly Without Her Xbox and PSP [/gamer via MCVUK]