Beware Of Broken Lego Dimensions Marceline Toys

Poor Marceline. She shows up late to the Lego DimensionsAdventure Time party, she’s a timed Toys’R’Us exclusive in North America, and while her minifigure is excellent, many seemed to have shipped with broken toy tags, rendering her unplayable in the toys-to-life game.


Toy tags are the disc-shaped platforms that Lego Dimensions figures and accessories stand on. For rebuildable accessories, like Marceline’s Lunatic Amp, the toy tags are generic and rewritable. Toy tags for figures, on the other hand, are hard-coded, the data unchangeable.

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Or at least they are once written to. A number of Marceline sets released last week in North America contained blank tags with no data.

Poor Finn, waiting forever.
Poor Finn, waiting forever.

I’ve had several emails from tipsters since wave seven launched last week, alerting us to the issue. When I received my press copy of Marceline on Monday, her tag was blank as well. While it’s since been swapped out with a working model via PR, I did start the return process through the Lego Dimensions support website, who seemed aware of the issue and were prepared to issue a replacement once proof of purchase was received. I have not heard back from Lego Dimensions PR regarding a cause or even an official acknowledgement of the issue.

If you must have Marceline in Lego Dimensions, be prepared to wait for a replacement toy tag. Otherwise, I expect this to all be sorted out once the Fun Pack breaks from exclusivity next year.


Since a properly-working Marceline is required to unlock the instructions for her Lunatic Amp accessory, I made an imgur gallery of the in-game steps, which can be found at the link below.

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OMG that is such a cute dance. It almost feels out of character for Marceline, but very fitting for Lego Dimensions. This is how they get down in Ooo