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Between Tron 3 And Tron: Legacy, There's This

Tron: The Next Day is a ten minute short that aims to fill in the gaps between Tron: Legacy and the upcoming Tron 3.


This short sheds light on the "Flynn Lives" movement and shows what happens after Sam takes over Encom at the end of Tron: Legacy. This is supposedly just one of two Tron 3 teasers on the Tron: Legacy blu-ray.

Forget all the talk about how bad video game or computer game movies are, the original Tron is well worth checking out.


News: ‘TRON: The Next Day – Flynn Lives' Revealed Leaked Online [Latino Review via io9]

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Eh, watched Tron: Legacy a few days ago and I really loved it (even though I kept thinking that I shouldn't because the main character is pretty one-dimensional and there is very little reason to care about him).

But when i watched the original Tron (something like 3 or 4 years ago), I thought it was pretty disappointing.

Didn't really get why so many people view it as some sort of great classic. It definitely has not aged well.