Bethesda Makes It Easier To Kill Fallout 4's Most Hated Character, Fans 'Celebrate'

Marcy Long is infamous for being the least liked character in the entirety of the Commonwealth. She also used to be marked as an essential character, meaning that the game wouldn’t let you get rid of her, no matter what you did.

With the latest patch to Fallout 4, that’s changed. The full list of recent fixes to the game includes actual bugs, but there’s also this curious bit:

  • Jun and Marcy Long are no longer essential after completing “Sanctuary”

What is that tweak “fixing” exactly? In my view, this change to the game seems to be a response to the endless disgust that the playerbase has toward Marcy Long. As you may already know, people hate Marcy so much, they’ve used Fallout 4 to torture her in a variety of ways. Players even created special mods just to kill Marcy Long, and many were downloaded thousands of times. That’s how bad it was.


But now, she can be a mere mortal. And players are taking advantage of this opportunity to murder Marcy in the most excessive of ways:

Jesus christ. The video has been watched 38,000 times as of this writing, and the reaction seems pretty positive on places like Reddit:

Marcy Long’s crimes against humanity include being mean to the player whenever you try to talk to her. Uhhh, yeah. Maybe the community responded ridiculously to that situation, but now, even the developer seems to be encouraging the attitude. Welp.


RIP, Marcy Long.

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