A screenshot from Darksider 2 by MT leads off this week's selection of over a dozen wallpaper-sized screenshots from a variety of games:

Neotokyo by MrRoderick.

Final Fantasy 14 by Stradnjoy.

Skyrim by Auto-Reply.

Wolfenstein by Masochism Tango.

Skyrim by GroinShooter.

Remember Me by R8TeDM3.

Wolfenstein by Thorgal.

Fallout New Vegas by TheVampire.

Injustice by Dio Brando.

Dark Souls 2 by Durante.

Shift 1 by Crazyturtle.

Assassin's Creed IV by AnyoneInCherno.

Betrayer by jim2point0.

Fallout New Vegas by Wanny.

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