Some Pok√©mon items, like Pokeballs, are obviously man-made. But some items obviously come from Pok√©mon‚ÄĒand it's probably not a stretch to think that collecting these items in bulk can have some ugly consequences.

The Pok√©mon series has touched on this idea, somewhat. Remember the Slowpoke Well, back in Pok√©mon Gold and Silver? If not, here's the quick version: at one point during the games, it's revealed that Team Rocket are cutting off the tails of Slowpokes. Why? Because they can sell Slowpoke tails at an absurd mark-up. The player, hero that they are, puts a stop to the evil venture‚ÄĒand thankfully, according to Pok√©mon lore, Slowpokes can indeed grow back their tails. Still, it's kind of morbid to think about, no? What jerks!

Pixiv user AŤąéťē∑ has drafted up some rather haunting illustrations that dwell on the idea of humans harvesting Pok√©mon for items, with each image campaigning for the end of poor Pok√©mon practices. Surely we don't need to kill or harm the Pok√©mon to enjoy their items, right? Heck, do we really need the items in the first place? Obviously, this might be taking Pok√©mon too seriously, but it's still interesting to think about what kinds of activism a world like Pok√©mon would have.

Some images to mull over:

Lucky Eggs: add 50% more experience points after a battle; are sometimes held by Chanseys.


Slowpoke Tail...has an obvious origin. Did you know that there's a restaurant in Pokemon X & Y that serves Slowpoke Tail? Because yes, people eat Pokemon. D:


Heart Scale: used to trade with an NPC, so that he can reteach a Pokemon a forgotten move. Sometimes held by Luvdiscs.

King's Rock: allows Slowpoke to evolve into Slowking.


Light ball: when held by Pikachu, its attack and special attack is doubled.

You can check out more of AŤąéťē∑'s work here.

(Via r/Pokemon)